The A-2 is undoubtedly the most famous of all existing designs, flight jacket of WWII.
We created the company A-2 Leather Flight Jacket, to make an exact replica flight jacket A-2 WWII era.
The May 29, 1931 began as regulation Army Air Corp intermediate flight jacket that was used until the end of the war.
The flight jacket A-2 was made from horsehide only
The official color was 'Seal Brown'.
With a very basic design, flight jacket A-2 saw action in each of the combat theaters of World War II. The pilots and crews saw their fellow A-2 as being more than just clothing. When a pilot finished basic training , was awarded an A-2 and this became a sort of trophy, something like the wings that made him officially that allowed pilot and move on to advanced training. After the jacket was decorated with patches that supported the training by what had happened, various merits achieved and the emblems of the squadrons to the pilot belonged. Also personalizing with hand paintings on the back, usually with the name, symbols and colors of the squadron in which integrated or plane that flew in the case of the bombers. The crew of the devices used to paint the same logo that had the plane on the nose, plus small pumps representing the number of missions accomplished.
Today, an A-2 Original can fetch high prices on the collectors market and are considered military antiques.

A-2 Leather Flight Jacket manufactures in its most original form. It is available in horsehide, color "Seal Brown", very dark brown, back is one piece that will not break the seams, fleece elastic cuffs and waistband, central zip, flap type shirt with snaps Two pockets, side slits and that wearing uniform was frowned upon to go with hands in pockets, cotton inner lining and a label in the lining or neck indicating compliance with specifications. Such jackets were designed as very functional, almost like the top of a diver. The lining was very thin and had no internal pockets. External pockets side vents were not to put their hands. Many A-2, especially in its early days, were very narrow shoulders, bulging in the body and had shoulder flaps to place the gallon. Along with the wide pants "Chinese" original uniform, left the A-2 defined the classic look of a pilot. Another peculiarity is that the hides that were used were very hard, not like the leather used in street clothes, more tanned, thin and malleable. Many of these jackets, fresh from the factory, they are the kind of jacket to put her down, remains stiff vertical. The downside is that age much better and are very durable. You could even say that the type of general court, would not work with fine leather jacket that would be very awkward.
The skin is chrome tanned separately for each hunter. For most of the period in which the A-2 was originally produced tanned skins were used. Consequently, the appearance of a reproduction of this type of skin best represents the replica of the original appearance.

A-2 Leather Flight Jacket most authentic looking leather for this process which is very time consuming, but worth it. We are very pleased that our leathers reflect the most close to the specifications can be found in the originals.

When you purchase a leather jacket, A-2 Leather Flight Jacket, which are getting is one of the best global deals of this kind, and a garment that emulates the original, which existed during the war, in every detail.
Available in sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL.
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