Welcome to A-2 Leather Flight Jacket.

Our specialty is to make high quality reproductions of the famous Type A-2 Flight Jacket and accessories from the time of the Second World War as squadrons patches made only with high quality leather, pistol holsters, transport bags, watches and many more items.

Our A-2 Leather Flight Jacket is made of high quality horsehide, cut his teeth each piece separately in order to make each jacket A-2 Flight Jacket in an individual work by our technicians carefully.
Our products are made by hand and are traditionally such quality products that our satisfaction is to manufacture it for you and that you will look with satisfaction. The high quality of our fabrics and leathers, and the feeling of having succeeded in creating something that will make someone feel special, knowing that it has been manufactured with care, is something that fills us with satisfaction.
However, in A-2 Leather Flight Jacket, we are keeping an open door to the past but with the quality of today, for you to purchase one of our garments feel like a real pilot of the 40’s second world war , which fought thousands of pilots from all countries giving their lives for their country, fighting over the skies of Europe, Asia and Pacific.

We hope that when you check our items are completely satisfied and that you tell your friends ... trust you to be a world renowned company with a high reputation and high quality products tested by our best specialists so that you do not defraud.

That is why we know that our products are as good as the original or even better since only add technology to existing products in those years making them more practical and comfortable.

A-2 Leather Flight Jacket